Basement Flooring Ideas

Basement floor is special because it’s often subjected to moisture and even flooding. That can create mold, bad smell and other health hazards. One of the best materials for this purpose are porcelain and ceramic tiles. As long as concrete slab is not excessively cracked it’s a simple installation. If very even and leveled floor is desired, some leveling has to be performed first using proper compound to assure good adhesion to existing concrete. Natural stones like slate, marble and granite are also utilized on basement floors but these materials are more expensive and require occasional sealing. For very moist basements epoxy grout is recommended which doesn’t need sealing at all and is far more durable.

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Another popular material for basement flooring is carpet. However, carpet works well in dry basements only. If there is a history of considerable moisture seeping through the slab, carpet is not recommended.
If the surface of the floor is flat and even, a vinyl sheet or tiles can be easily installed for fraction of price of other flooring types. It’s recommended thou to seal the concrete first to prevent moisture build-up underneath the vinyl.
Laminate flooring is gaining popularity with home owners in recent years. The material is non-organic so mold will not feed on it in case of minor flooding. It comes in many colors and and sizes. It also requires moisture barrier to be installed first.
The floor can also be painted with good quality concrete paint or more expensive choice is epoxy coat. Epoxy seals the concrete very well preventing any moisture to seep up. Visit Tile Installation to learn about flooring materials and procedures.