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Looking for a Home remodeling in Wilmette? We offer Bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling and basement remodeling!

Welcome to Darek and Sons Remodeling! As your reliable source for home remodeling in Wilmette, you can trust our home remodeling contractors for bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, basement remodeling, and much more. Our remodeling contractors in Wilmette have been serving the community for over 15 years providing the very best in remodeling services. Our home remodeling contractors in Wilmette are ready for you. Visit our gallery of completed remodeling projects and call Darek & Sons Remodeling in Wilmette.

Home Remodeling in Wilmette – There’s a Lot We Can Do For You

With the professional remodeling contractors in Wilmette from Darek and Sons Remodeling, you have access to a wide range of home remodeling services done by the best remodeling contractors. Wilmette residents can achieve a gorgeous kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, basement remodeling, or home additions all completed right by our expert home remodeling contractors in Wilmette. We make sure of every detail with our kitchen remodeling contractors in Wilmette creating your very own dream kitchen. Rely on our bathroom remodeling contractors in Wilmette for customized planning, designing, and building a unique and functional new bathroom beauty. Or you may prefer our basement remodeling contractors in Wilmette to change your unused living space into a customized living space perfect for you and your home. Our home remodeling contractors in Wilmette allow you to receive the best in professional skills, top-level customer service, and the highest degree of quality craftsmanship.

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Remodeling and Renovation – Darek & Sons Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling Willmett

Starting a home remodeling project may be a challenging situation, and a lot of questions may arise before you even begin. The most important thing is to get the right answers to your questions. Having useful information at the onset will allow you to choose the right remodeling contractors in Willmett, pick the right project, and plan your budget properly. Having said this, the more you know about the project, the better, which is why we are here to provide as much information about home remodeling as possible.

How do I start the remodeling process?

You start the process of home remodeling by establishing your goal for your renovations. Asking questions like, “What do I want from my remodel? What should my priorities be?” is always best before you contact remodeling contractors in Willmett. When you get the answers to these questions, contact our remodeling contractors to discuss your plans and needs for your space.

What kind of service should I expect before, during and after my project?

Before we start on your kitchen, bathroom, or basement remodeling, we will make sure that everything is safely tucked away. During the home remodeling process, our remodeling contractors in Willmett will take care of your property and maintain good communication. When the remodeling is done, we will stay to ensure that your property is well cleaned.

What time of remodeling are you providing?

We offer bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, basement remodeling, home additions, and other home remodeling projects in Willmett. Our company has been providing outstanding services for more than a decade. Our remodeling contractors are well skilled to provide the highest quality of work at an affordable price.

Our Range of Services for Home Remodeling in Wilmette

Darek and Sons Remodeling offers a wide range of solutions for home remodeling in Wilmette. Our team of professional contractors has experience in all aspects of home renovations from updating bathrooms to kitchen remodeling, and much more.

Our Latest Remodeling Works – Darek and Sons Remodeling

Remodeled Kitchen Mt. Prospect
Kitchen remodeling often addresses the issue of space. For this renovation, our kitchen remodeling contractors added custom cabinets with pull-outs and all new appliances. The added room allowed us to add an awesome island. With big windows allowing in plenty of light, the new functional kitchen is made brighter and airy by the work of our professional remodeling contractors.

Bathroom Remodeling
Specialized bathroom remodeling contractors put together the right vanities, matching mirrors, and custom cabinets for the ultimate in function and style in any bathroom. Remodeling contractors take an outdated bathroom and give it a luxurious feel with a walk-in shower, glass enclosure or a great new tub, for the biggest impact possible on a bathroom remodeling.

Recent Bathroom Remodeling Projects – Choose Our Years of Experience in Bathroom Remodeling in Wilmette

Looking to upgrade your bathroom? If you live in the area of Wilmette, the question of who to entrust this task to is simple to answer – Darek and Sons  Remodeling company are the local renovation experts. Not only can we remodel your bathroom, we also offer kitchen, basement remodeling. Indeed, we specialize in the interior space remodeling. Licensed and experienced plumbers, electricians and HVAC technicians are employed by us so no matter what kind of service you require we are ready to meet your expectations. We offer the installation of such things in your bathroom and kitchen, like new cabinets, tiles, countertops, backsplashes or other appliances. Our extensive expertise in the field of home remodeling is one of the reasons why we are considered as one of the best bathroom remodeling contractors in Wilmette, IL.

That was one of our more interesting bathroom remodeling projects in Wilmette. Usually homeowners decide on either shower or a tub but size of the interior and existing layout allowed us to incorporate comfortably both solutions in final design. Merging of vintage and contemporary elements resulted in originally looking yet highly functional bathroom. Scope of work contained installation of:

  • floor mosaic tiles (octagonal and made of stone for unique look),
  • wall panel molding in horizontal, split layout,
  • contemporary, minimalistic bathtub with vintage faucets and shower head,
  • modern shower enclosure with classic shower head, frameless glass doors and built-in shelves for storage of cosmetics and accessories,
  • traditional wood windows with decorative muntins and mullions,
  • old-fashioned toilet bowl.

Check Our Kitchen Remodeling Projects in Wilmette and choose us for your Kitchen Remodeling

At Darek and Sons, our kitchen remodeling contractors in Wilmette have completed many projects successfully. For each project to be special, our remodeling contractors begin with the typical kitchen layout and plan for the appropriate changes. We also ensure that every kitchen remodel utilizes as much of the space as possible. So we often work with difficult nooks and crannies to optimize the area.
The best kitchen remodel isn’t all about the layout. It also addresses the features and details that our remodeling contractors in Wilmette are experts with. These details include installing interesting chandeliers, lighting systems, and even painting. Our team can create custom cabinets to maximize efficiency, add storage, and create a beautiful design. We can also install matching fixtures and appliances, bringing it all together. As well, your kitchen remodeling in Wilmette can include a new island where possible, for another work area with lots of storage. Contact Darek and Sons today and we’ll get started on building your dream kitchen.

Why Choose us For Kitchen Remodeling & Bathroom Remodeling in Wilmette
Choose our professional contractors!

You Can’t Beat Experience

We have provided home remodeling services for over 15 years. In that time, we’ve perfected our incredible skills to ensure that we bring you with the best home remodeling in Wilmette. Our vast experience in the home renovation business gives us the skills to create for you.

High Standards

With our amazing work, you can always expect a high-quality finished product. That finish is only as good as the materials and tools used by our bathroom remodeling contractors in Wilmette, on all our projects. Our high standards are reached by using only the best quality tools and materials.

Keeping a Schedule

Our mission is to always give you complete work that you can enjoy as soon as possible. Our home remodeling contractors in Wilmette create plans fast and get the job done quickly for you, based on the time we agreed to. In fact, we guarantee it.

A Price You Can Handle

Our expert remodeling contractors in Wilmette will work to plan your budget with you and we will stay comfortably within it. So with that in mind, we offer a detailed quote outlining everything for you so that you know what the costs are from the very beginning.

Great Service

Providing top-level craftsmanship is a major priority, but we make you our biggest priority. You will receive the customer service you expect from professionals with quick responses that keep you informed. Plus, experience has taught us that a smile goes a long way, so we provide the friendliest service.

Varied Skills

Our superior team of remodeling contractors in Wilmette has all the skills required to take on all projects. We don’t just focus on one room like a basement remodeling. Instead, we provide expert full home remodeling in Wilmette that includes incredible attention to detail.

Darek & Sons Home Remodeling Wilmette providing quality bathroom, basement & kitchen remodeling in Wilmette, IL

black and white kitchen

Are you looking for the best remodeling contractors in Wilmette, IL? Then look no further. When it comes to home remodeling Wilmette, Darek & Sons remodeling contractors are the right choice for you. Our remodeling contractors Wilmette have tons of experiences in their area of expertise and won’t be intimidated by any, even the most demanding, remodeling job. Their exquisite workmanship teamed with high quality products will leave you with perfectly remodeled home.

Adjusting home décor to your particular tastes and ever-changing needs delivers a lot of pride and joy. However, to maintain that enjoyment for a long time, kitchen, basement or bathroom remodeling Wilmette has to be of the highest quality. Quite an easy fit to achieve with Darek & Sons Remodeling services. Our excellent home remodeling contractors Wilmette provide you with top-notch products and workmanship to keep your home looking its best for many years.

What they say about our remodeling services
Our remodeling works have been appreciated by many customers!

Our remodeling contractors in Wilmette have very high standards of workmanship. Darek & Sons Home Remodeling is a place to call!

Your satisfaction, as our client, with the remodeling services rendered is of uttermost importance to us. That’s why our remodeling contractors in Wilmette provide you with workmanship that fulfils strict standards. Thanks to those standards you may not only enjoy bathroom, kitchen or basements (yes, basement too) that looks great. On top of that, you can enjoy those looks and great quality for years. To learn more, call us today!

The Best Innovative Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling – Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Wilmette Advises

Bathroom remodeling can be tricky. You need to be creative to achieve artful and unique features that will meet your expectations. One innovative idea is incorporating your old bathroom furniture with modern ones. You can still use the floating wooden shelves, or seats combined with the beautiful marble walls or light flooring to give a feeling of warmth and vintage flair. Using energy-saving appliances, lighting, fixtures, water-efficient toilet, sink, and the showerhead is another innovative idea to save on your water bill and energy bills and save the environment. For a fresher and airy look, choose light colors for your walls, flooring, accessories, and cabinets. You can also use earthy neutrals like olive or place blue and use metallic finishes. Try using patterned tiles for ceilings like horizontal, vertical, or zig-zag to create an illusion of a spacious space and achieve unique bathroom design. If you have a limited bathroom space, avoid buying unnecessary items in your bathroom and choose sleek vanity and creatively install lots of storage for an organized and spacious ambiance. An expert remodeling contractor knows how to use storage solutions effectively. Adding glossy accessories and bright lighting using LED or natural light from the window will make your bathroom look more fresh and modern. For a total, beautiful, and innovative upgrade, choose our bathroom remodeling contractors in Wilmette. We are the premium bathroom experts that can help you with any of your remodeling needs.

Our Home Renovation Process in Wilmette - Darek & Sons Kitchen, Bathroom & Basement Remodeling Experts

Let us start your dream home by telling our expert home remodeling contractors in Wilmette how you want it to look.

Throw in your ideas and we will complement them with ours for you to have more options to choose from.

We will create a design based on the discussions that you had with our remodeling contractors in Wilmette.

Our experienced home remodeling contractors in Wilmette will build your ideal design to give you top-quality workmanship in every detail that you will surely love.

Tips Before Doing a Home Remodeling – From Bathroom Remodeling to Basement Remodeling Contractors Wilmette

When working on a renovation, like a basement remodeling, planning the budget is a top priority. Well-budgeted projects mean you must manage your outcome expectations based on the available funds you have.
Our remodeling contractors in Wilmette will help you manage your budget in the most cost efficient way. Identify which items or areas are frequently used, and allot more funds on them. Adjustments can be made on minor details like the ones that are not often used, then just replace them in the future. Let’s look at kitchen remodeling as an example. If you still have good kitchen cabinets, opt to allocate your funds in building your kitchen countertop.
For bathroom remodeling, most homeowners think that the installation of bathroom vanities is an easy task. This is not always true. Installations are complicated tasks, and therefore must be done by experts to avoid early repairs. Our bathroom remodeling contractors in Wilmette are trained professionals that you can trust to put in the kind of expert workmanship that will last you a lifetime.

Easy Kitchen Updates With Darek & Sons Full Kitchen Remodeling Experts Wilmette

Kitchen Appliances and the Work Triangle
Wilmette kitchen remodeling contractors know how to breathe new life into your dated kitchen. Sometimes just the purchase of new appliances can give your kitchen the life it is lacking.A new energy-efficient fridge with lots of storage could replace your rusted, grumbling fridge, and new gas-burner stove your springboard to becoming a great cook, or at least better.  Yes, throw out the kitchen sink and treat your home and family to a new clean-up station that is large and less frustrating to work with.

Kitchen Floors and Countertops
Changing these two surfaces in your Wilmette kitchen can bring everything up-to-date. Let’s take out the old lino and replace it with new durable tile or concrete. We can show you samples of quartz, stone, or marble for the counters to suit all budgets. Our designers are at your service.

Kitchen Cabinets and Kitchen Hardware
Not sure to replace or refinish? There is no reason to replace all the cabinets in your kitchen if the structures are still reasonable. A professional lick of paint or a restain of your wood cupboard fronts can do wonders for refreshing your kitchen. And at a fraction of the price of remaking them. Call us in Wilmette, and we will give you some honest advice and ideas on how to go forward with your reno. We can show you various options to suit your style and budget.

For Quality Home Remodeling in Wilmette, IL – Call Darek & Sons Remodeling