Normally the adjective “functional” is used when an ideal bathroom is described along with “beautiful and calming.” Functional is a good way to describe a bathroom as it is one of the few rooms that has to serve many functions for multiple purposes. This one room has to act as the children’s bath time playroom filled with noise, bubbles, toys and splashing but also as a get-away for adults after the children are finally asleep. This get-away is candle-lit with soft music and herbal infusions filling the air.

Even with these dual functionalities there is a lot more that your bathroom can offer you, things you have not even thought about. You might think that your bathroom is organized with the draw divider you added and the cubbies under the counter, but these are just band aids and there is a lot more that can be done to unlock the functionality potential of your bathroom to fulfill the needs of your family even more.
There are many ways to increase the functionality of your bathroom but how do you find the one right for you? There are various ways, some more complicated than others, and each adds its own practicality and usability to your bathroom. Here are 8 of the top ideas to help you decide which will work best for you in your next bathroom remodeling project.

1. Remove your bathtub
The idea: Rip out that unused bathtub and replace it with a modern shower. More than half of all homeowners prefer to have a shower over a bathtub and most tenants prefer a shower or at the very least a shower/tub combo. Most baths are ornamental in bathrooms. Removing the bathtub gives you on average about 5 square feet of extra space in your bathroom. It also enables a much more practical and usable option for bathing.
This option will require the assistance of professional remodeling contractors and is a bit more complex than the other options listed. An experienced professional will make this bathroom upgrade easy and add additional functionality to your bathroom.
Added bonus: For senior citizens and individuals with limited mobility a shower offers a lot more accessibility and usage options. You can build a bench or place a chair in the shower for ease of use. It eliminates the dangers of slipping in the bathtub.

2. More accessible
The idea: Make your bathroom more accessible and functional for ease of use by adding grab bars. These can be added to new or existing bathrooms to make them safer. You can avoid serious slips and falls for you and your family with the addition of a simple, but effective grab bar. Modern grab bars look good too. They are made from modern and complimentary materials in a wide range of colors and styles. Forget about the old hospital looking meta bars of the past.
This is one of the simplest, easiest and most effective options to dramatically increase the functionality of your bathroom.
Added bonus: According to the latest data potential home buyers greatly value mobility-friendly bathrooms and are willing to pay a premium for them. You can almost double your bathroom upgrade investment value.

3. Clever convenience
The idea: Adding a mirrored medicine cabinet is a fantastic way to add the functionality of a mirror to your bathroom while also adding discreet storage spaces. You can keep much needed items out of sight and remove the clutter from the counters. These dual-purpose cupboards add the beauty of a mirror that brightens up a room as well as the discreet storage of personal items.
The choices are varied amongst mirrored medicine cabinets and you can choose your finish and color to match your bathroom. There are also many styles to choose from such as hinge or sliding options for the door.
Added bonus: Discreet storage of personal and medicinal items adds safety to households with smaller children as it keeps it from their reach.

4. Light fixture upgrades
The idea: Upgrading the light fixtures of your bathroom is effective, which is often overlooked. A dark and gloomy bathroom has many shadows and makes everyday tasks like makeup, beauty regime and cleaning harder and it takes longer. It takes forever to pluck your eyebrows when you have to angle the mirror to catch the light just so. Dimly lit bathrooms feel small, dingy and not very inviting. Adding some new vanity, hanging, or sconce lighting will brighten up the room. It automatically feels bigger, cleaner and welcoming. Being able to see clearly will make your daily tasks go a lot quicker.
Your choices in lighting options, styles and colors are literally endless. There is more than you can even imagine. You will be able to match any aspect of your bathroom to make your functional upgrade compliment the room.
Added bonus: With many options comes opportunities to get a very affordable option for this upgrade. Upgrading your lights is a quick, easy and very effective functional upgrade that can fit any budget.

5. Fashionably functional
The idea: Keep your towels neat and off the floor by adding towel hooks. This is a simple and affordable but yet functional upgrade to your bathroom’s look and feel. Towel hooks come in a wide assortment of materials, colors, finishes, and application methods. You can use the space behind your door for towels with a handy hook or two.
It is difficult to find a more affordable and less invasive bathroom upgrade than the addition of towel hooks.
Added bonus: This handy accessory is also a great way to assign towels and reduce the amount of washing to be done as there are no towels on the floor to find their way into the laundry basket. A towel on a hook is a lot neater than a towel hanging off a door or on a knob and instantly modernizes your bathroom.

6. Wonderous extra storage
The idea: You can dramatically improve the storage capacity and usability of your bathroom by adding a new vanity. Removing the clutter and storing towels, toiletries, and all other daily essentials neatly and in an organized manner will make your bathroom seem bigger, neater and cleaner. A messy bathroom never looks clean and hygienic. Modern vanities also offer a lot of extra counter space. Anyone with a small or shared bathroom will know how valuable even a little extra counter space can be for daily activities such as doing your hair and make-up.
With all the options available it is not easy to know which vanity is right for your space so feel free to speak to a professional about designing ideas for your space.
Added bonus: You can make the bathroom your own and reflect your style and personal preference with the choice of vanity you install. There is a truly wide array of options available in wood colors and cabinet designs, and multiple counter options such as granite or marble.

7. Practical repurposing
The idea: A great way to save money and recycle is to reuse or repurpose furniture pieces you already have around the house to upgrade your bathroom.  A great storage idea is an old dresser or nightstand. With a bit of sanding and a new coat of paint to seal it and match your bathroom color scheme it is good to use. If you do not have furniture pieces to use, a search of the local classifieds is sure to produce many options for a low cost and sometimes even for free.
Added bonus: when you repurpose a furniture piece you are saving it from the dump and not purchasing manufactured items, thereby helping the environment. You are also not concerned about maintaining the original condition of the furniture piece and can get creative with accessories, stain and paint colors. Add some crystal and chrome drawer knobs for a modern but classic look.

8. Handy accessories
The idea: Adding clever and practical accessories to your shower might be last on the list of ideas, but it is certainly not the least. When building or upgrading your shower it is a good idea to include built-in benches, caddies, and shelving in your design for practical use and storage reasons. Shower time can be a lot more enjoyable with a place to rest or shave comfortably while your products are safely and conveniently stored in a central place. Disposable and removable plastic caddies and shower seats are common but are not very secure nor do they blend in with the design of your shower. They might be useful but can be an eyesore.
If you get to minimize the clutter in your shower while enhancing the overall style and look of your bathroom it is a win for all.
Added bonus: Built-in benches, shower caddies, and shelving blend perfectly into your bathroom’s design, and cannot be removed by previous owners or tenants so you do not have to buy any new units.

It should be fun making your bathroom more functional and usable. At Darek & Sons Remodeling we strive to make all home remodeling projects enjoyable for you. As the first step we assign a professional and experienced designer to work with you and assist you through the entire remodel process so you will love the results for a long time to come.
If you would like more information on any of the upgrade ideas discussed here and more, feel free to contact us. Let us guide you through what to expect to create your dream bathroom. Phone us now.