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Throughout the many home remodeling services in Chicago that Darek and Sons Remodeling performs, we have found that tile installation is a constant. Most projects include this service is some format, whether it is a bathroom floor, a shower or tub enclosure, or a backsplash. Tile offers a wide variety of options for the homeowner in terms of material type, color, and even price.

For a kitchen floor, porcelain or ceramic tile is highly recommended. Why? It is durable and easy to clean. Natural stone floors can also offer a wonderful look (i.e. marble, granite, slate, or travertine), but these flooring types are higher maintenance. Kitchen backsplashes often use glass mosaic tiles or tumbled marble. Bathroom type options are similar, with custom showers often using glass mosaic tiles.

For the best tile installation contractors in Chicago, you can count on Darek and Sons. Our years of experience in tile installation make us the best in the business. Likewise, our tile options are varied and affordable. We complete highly skilled installations, whether you need a detailed mosaic or simple tile. It was always fit perfectly. Our contractors are skilled and friendly, and we really love our work. Contact us for a quote or to get started on the tile installation in your bathroom or kitchen!

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