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Throughout the many home remodeling services in Chicago that Darek and Sons Remodeling performs, we have found that tile installation is a constant. Most projects include this service is some format, whether it is a bathroom floor, a shower or tub enclosure, or a backsplash. Tile offers a wide variety of options for the homeowner in terms of material type, color, and even price.

For a kitchen floor, porcelain or ceramic tile is highly recommended. Why? It is durable and easy to clean. Natural stone floors can also offer a wonderful look (i.e. marble, granite, slate, or travertine), but these flooring types are higher maintenance. Kitchen backsplashes often use glass mosaic tiles or tumbled marble. Bathroom type options are similar, with custom showers often using glass mosaic tiles.

For the best tile installation contractors in Chicago, you can count on Darek and Sons. Our years of experience in tile installation make us the best in the business. Likewise, our tile options are varied and affordable. We complete highly skilled installations, whether you need a detailed mosaic or simple tile. It was always fit perfectly. Our contractors are skilled and friendly, and we really love our work. Contact us for a quote or to get started on the tile installation in your bathroom or kitchen!

Darek & Sons Remodeling – Tile Services We Provide

Tile Floor Installation

If you are looking for a suitable floor for your bathroom or kitchen remodeling, you can opt for tiles, as they are extremely durable and versatile. Therefore, you can make custom designs for the spaces mentioned above and let our remodeling contractors do the rest.

Bathroom Tiles Installation

If you are doing bathroom remodeling in your home, tiles are also a good option for it, because they have the highest quality waterproofing capabilities, apart from that they do not require much maintenance.

Backsplash Installation

In case you don't want to install tiles in your kitchen, you can opt for a backsplash installation. Here at Darek & Sons Remodeling we have a variety of backsplashing styles that you can choose from to bring your kitchen back to life.

Commercial Tile Installation

Darek & Sons Remodeling is not only a contractor that specializes only in the installation of tile in residential spaces, but also in the commercial aspect. We combine durability and creativity in your designs to make a unique impression on your public space.

Residential Tile Installation

In case you have tile design ideas for your home, here at Darek & Sons Remodeling we make it an absolute reality. Only you choose the tiles and reveal your design with the experts. They will do the magic to make your residential space look unique and special.

Carpet & Vinyl Tiles

If you don't have a lot of budget to install tiles, you can go for vinyl tiles and carpet tiles. They are budget friendly, apart from being an easier replacement option. Here at Darek & Sons Remodeling we stock these types of tiles in a variety of styles and colors.


STEP BY STEP - This is how we work!
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Contact Us

If you are ready to proceed with your home renovations, give us a call! At this stage, we will discuss the details of the jobs in greater depth, including the timeline, materials to use, and expectations. Apart from this, we will schedule a visit to your home to make a cost estimate.

Site Visit

Our home remodeling contractors will visit the place where the work will take place and will proceed to discuss with you the details of the project, objectives and needs, all in order to fully understand the vision you have for your home.

Design Retainer

Our experts will be in charge of providing you with a personalized plan and proposal that is designed according to your dream style and your current needs.

Project Execution

Subsequently, we will proceed to establish a timeline to carry out the respective renovation work and an official start date. It should be noted that we comply 100% with the established timelines.

Final results

Before formally delivering the final product, we want to hear your feedback first. If necessary, we will carry out touch-ups to the work, since high quality is paramount for us. If there are no problems, we will proceed to clean the area so that you and the people around you can use it almost immediately.

Contact Us

We are here for you. In case your home requires renovations to stay in optimal conditions for many years to come, do not hesitate to contact us through the official phones or website. We will gladly assist you!

Contact Us

We are here for you
In case your home requires renovations to stay in optimal conditions for many years to come,
do not hesitate to contact us through the official phones or website. We will gladly assist you!

Frequently Asked Questions About Tile Installation!

That depends a lot on several factors: the size of the room, the pattern in which the tiles will be installed, the designs of the tile itself, the shape of the tile and the visual effect you want to achieve. By determining these factors, you will be able to choose the appropriate tile size for your home remodeling.
Darek & Sons Remodeling is one of the few Illinois home renewal companies that provides free estimates with no obligation to hire in-house services. We are very considerate and transparent in determining the price of our services.
If you want your tiles to stand the test of time and look their best, it is recommended that you call a contractor. They have the due experience to carry out the work without problems, apart from that they are always up to date on new trends and products that are used for tile installations.
If you don’t know which grout color to select for your home, you can bring a sample of your tile to your nearest Darek & Sons Remodeling branch and compare it to others with one of our experts. By doing this, you will be able to determine which grout is best suited to complement your existing tiles.

It is recommended that you install your tiles after the space has been primed, but before painting it in the color you previously selected.

If you have questions or queries regarding our tile installation services, do not hesitate to contact us through the official communication channels. We provide residential and commercial installation services for the Chicago metropolitan area and its adjacent suburbs. When it comes to the highest quality tile work, Darek & Sons Remodeling is the star!