Tub to Shower Conversion & Bathtub to Shower Conversion – The Highest Quality Converting Bathtub to Shower by Darek & Sons Remodeling Contractors

Over our 15 years in the remodeling industry, Darek and Sons has found our tub and shower conversion services to be one of the most popular. Why? Today, showers are often far more popular than a traditional bath. Many homeowners don’t use a tub to bathe in at all! In cases like these, converting a tub to a shower can be an excellent choice. Many elderly home owners love having showers instead of tubs, since a shower can have a curb as low as 3 inches, whereas most tubs are anywhere from 13 to 20 inches high.

Custom showers are wonderful options, and can bring a whole new aesthetic to your bathroom. These installations can have mosaic tiles in a color scheme you love as well as decorative drain covers. The most challenging part of a tub to shower conversion is ensuring the drain is sized properly.

Interested in these services? Be sure to give us a call! We are happy to provide a quote and to discuss your nearly limitless options when it comes to shower types. A regular shower can have all sorts of tile options, but you can go fancier with a steam shower as well!

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