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The best bathroom remodeling contractors Wheeling, IL work for Darek & Sons Remodeling. We do high-grade basement remodeling Wheeling, bathroom remodeling Wheeling, kitchen remodeling Wheeling, and so much more when it comes to residential renovations. Since more than 15 years ago, we’ve been helping people. It gave us the knowledge and skills we needed to give all of our customers the best results and the most ease possible. Check out our past jobs to see how good our service is. Darek & Sons Remodeling can help you improve your home in a good way.

There’s a Lot Our Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Wheeling Can Do For You

Darek & Sons Remodeling is happy to offer professional remodeling services in the Wheeling, IL area. This includes a wide range of designs and methods that produce top-quality results. From adding rooms to performing whole kitchen remodeling Wheeling and bathroom remodeling Wheeling, our skilled home and basement remodeling contractors Wheeling are always ready to help with their expert knowledge and reliable work. If you have places that aren’t being used, let our basement remodeling contractors Wheeling plan, create, and build a new project that can turn any empty space into a fully functional room that fits your needs. When our team does home improvement, we pay close attention to even the smallest details so that you are completely happy with the work. The trust you put in our company is very important to us, and our team will answer all of your questions as soon as possible and with great customer service.

The Best Innovative Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Wheeling Advises

Bathroom remodeling increases your home’s value and gives you the comfort that your family needs. However, reconstruction can be challenging for some. In any bathroom remodeling, it is best to consider innovative ideas to achieve a beautiful and functional bathroom that you desire. When remodeling your bathroom, you don’t have to replace everything with new ones unless they are damaged or broken. You can still use that antique credenza or vanity cabinet that you have and combine it with a white vessel sink to create a timeless vintage charm. Another innovative idea is to focus on enhancing energy efficiency in your bathroom. Choose and purchase models and materials that come with power and water-efficient qualities like low-flow toilets and showerheads to save on your monthly utility bill. If you can’t decide about colors, choosing light colors for the floor, cabinetry, ceiling, tile designs, accessories, and wall paints will make your bathroom look airy. You can experiment using horizontal or vertical lines like zig-zag patterns for your roof to have a unique and artistic look. Also, if you have a small bathroom to remodel, these patterns will make you have a spacious visual look. Avoid installing big cabinets or bulky items in your bathroom. The right remodeling contractor can help you create a total storage solution that will make your bathroom spacious and organized. Contact our bathroom remodeling contractors in Wheeling to help you with your remodeling needs. We will be happy to assist you from the planning up to the construction of your ideal bathroom.

Services Provided By Our Basement Remodeling Contractors Wheeling

Kitchen Remodeling, Tile Installation and Other Remodeling Services

Check Our Bathroom Remodeling Projects Wheeling

For our remodeling contractors, the most important thing when it comes to bathroom remodeling Wheeling is customer service. So our bathroom remodeling contractors Wheeling bring experience, creativity, and incredible skill to create functional and convenient bathroom solutions that fit every homeowner. You can be certain that our bathroom remodeling contractors in Wheeling provide outstanding solutions to meet all customer expectations.
While going through bathroom remodeling, experienced bathroom remodeling contractors Wheeling make a tremendous difference. Our experience can do it right for you thanks to countless custom bathroom renovations. Over the years, we have mastered our skills for shower enclosure wall tile installations. For any custom renovation, our bathroom remodeling contractors Wheeling come through with fantastic shower enclosures, custom shelving, vanity seats, and stunning glass shower doors. Some shower enclosures may not even include a door at all. In our bathroom remodeling contractors Wheeling, you have the best porcelain or stone tile installation experts that can handle commodes and bidets, or custom cabinet placement to maximize convenience.

Check Our Kitchen Remodeling Wheeling Projects and choose us for your Kitchen Remodeling

Darek and Sons kitchen remodeling contractors Wheeling have a great deal of renovation experience to create a unique kitchen for you. Our remodeling contractors plan your new space by working with your existing layout. That’s how we use the available space, including those irregular nooks and crannies, to achieve a stunning result.

For the greatest kitchen remodeling, we do more than simple layout adjustments. Our professionals make every feature new, even the finest details. That comes from our highly experienced kitchen remodeling contractors Wheeling, and it includes renewing light fixtures and lighting systems, backsplashes, and much more. Custom-built cabinetry enhances efficiency and adds more storage to your new kitchen. Finally, we’ll match the new fixtures and appliances for a complete look.
Space permitting, we can add a new island and make your kitchen remodeling in Wheeling even more special with a greater workspace and new storage in your kitchen. Make the call to Darek and Sons to plan your kitchen remodeling Wheeling.

Why Choose us For Kitchen Remodeling & Bathroom Remodeling Wheeling
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Tremendous Experience

Our bathroom remodeling contractors Wheeling offer over 15 years of experience. Over those years, we have refined our exceptional skills so we can create the best home remodeling in Wheeling for you to love in any room of the house.

The Highest Standards

The homeowners we’ve helped know how terrific our work is, and that comes from our superior skills and creativity. But it also helps to use the best materials and tools possible. Our bathroom remodeling contractors Wheeling use only the best possible materials because we have such high standards.

We Stay on Schedule

Expect to have your home remodeling in Wheeling completed within the time you stipulated. We work quickly and efficiently to complete the project on time, whether it’s a kitchen or bathroom remodeling Wheeling. That’s our promise and our guarantee to you.

A Comfortable Budget

Any basement, bathroom, or kitchen remodeling Wheeling requires a budget. We want you to be completely comfortable with yours, so we collaborate directly with you to formulate your budget and you will see a highly-detailed and clearly outlined estimate before we begin.

Service with a Smile

Our team is well-known for its high skill level and attention to the fine details on any bathroom, kitchen, or basement remodeling Wheeling. But we understand that you need more, so that’s why we also provide you with expertise, professionalism, and remodeling contractors who work with a smile.

Skills with Versatility

Our remarkable team of bathroom remodeling contractors Wheeling has all the skills to take on any home remodeling. Wheeling homeowners rely on us for the best workmanship, attention to detail, and versatility in our skills to complete every part of your home remodeling.

Tips Before Doing a Basement Remodeling Wheeling

From Bathroom Remodeling to Basement Remodeling Contractors Wheeling

A kitchen remodeling can be an easy task if you work with professional kitchen remodeling contractors who can help you plan your remodeling project within your budget. A well-budgeted project enables you to achieve the desired outcome while maximizing the money that you have.

Having a realistic plan within your budget is the goal of our basement remodeling contractors Wheeling. They will help you achieve your dream home by prioritizing the area that is often used. This helps you focus the budget on things that are needed the most. Take bathroom remodeling as an example. Instead of spending more on the vanities, allocate more funds in putting up a functional shower area.

Most people think that stuff installations like stud walls are easy, as shown in home improvement programs. A lot of things can go wrong if this is not done by professional remodeling contractors. Contact our basement remodeling company Wheeling, so you can experience a world class service from our experts!

The Key Difference Between Basement Remodeling Wheeling & Refinishing

What does refinishing a basement involve?

Basement finishing Wheeling or refinishing typically involves light work or finishing touches including but not limited to hanging drywall, installing floorings, and encasing any ductwork or pipes to give your space a more complete look. Generally, basement refinishing is performed to provide a better interior appeal to any property. It is not designed to apply any drastic change to your current layout or utility. However, it can significantly increase your home’s value when the work is properly executed. At our company, we have professional basement remodeling contractors Wheeling to provide the quality of basement refinishing you are looking for. Get in touch with us today! Let us be your partners in transforming your home into a haven of comfort and style.

What does a basement remodel include?

Basement remodeling Wheeling involves more labor intensive work and significant changes in your interiors compared with basement finishing. This includes plumbing and electrical work that may impact the remodeling work. More often than not, remodeling is done in a finished basement. This may involve dividing the space into smaller options to curate them according to your lifestyle, comfort, and preference. Most of the time, basements are remodeled into home theatres, working space, craft room, or additional bedroom. Performing a basement remodeling Wheeling adds appeal to the home, attracts more future buyers, and increases the property’s value. For remodeling work, call us today.


The kitchen area is considered by many homeowners as one of the most important places in the house because it is a place with a lot of daily activity and that gives a feeling of trendiness to the house itself. That is why when reflecting the first signs of deterioration in your appliances, surfaces, and other components with the passage of time, it is imperative to carry out a complete kitchen remodeling before carrying out any home remodeling to other parts of the house. And this is where Darek and Sons Wheeling kitchen remodeling contractors come into the picture, as they’ll make sure they do a good job of keeping your kitchen running efficiently for years to come.

Can a Kitchen Remodeling Increase a Home’s Value?

Although a homeowner may be concerned – and with good reason – about how much to spend for a kitchen remodeling and if that investment will return soon in the long term, we can assure you that the average value of your home will increase considerably with that remodel, especially if it is developed with remodeling contractors suitable for the work. By increasing the value of your home, will go a long way in helping you sell your home on the market.

A kitchen Remodeling Equates to More Enjoyment in the Space

When considering a kitchen remodeling, you not only think about the potential cost it can bring, but also how to develop the project according to your preferences and needs. There is no better place to start a complete home remodel (with the goal of transforming it the way you dreamed it) than the kitchen itself, as the National Association of Realtors found that 95% of homeowners who do home remodeling cooks find greater happiness in their homes in the long run.

How Will You Know if a Kitchen Remodeling is Worth it to You?

Remodeling your kitchen is totally worth it if you are planning to make an investment in keeping it looking good and adding a flexible, personalized touch. Therefore, our home remodeling contractors will provide you with the different alternatives available according to your current budget to be able to carry it out, either completely or gradually. If you want to carry out your home renovation processes as professionally and efficiently as possible, Darek and Sons Wheeling is the right company to contact!

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