Layout and arrangement of the basement in the house

Basements in today’s modern single-family homes have little in common with the creepy, dark and damp cellar rooms from back in the day. At present, the floor underneath ground floor could be used as a multimedia room, home gym, ergonomic laundry room, or practical workshop, depending on the tastes and preferences of individual homeowners and keeping budget in mind. Another possibility is an expansive warehouse space in the basement that can store a variety of equipment. Basement remodeling contractors can assist you in creating a well-conceived design and basement set-up that can create additional square footage that can be used as functional living space, augmenting the comfort for all family members as well as the resale value of your home.

How to arrange a basement workshop?
A basement workshop is a living dream for any DIYer and a fantastic use of this space. How to best design a functional room? To make the most of your space, be sure to include spacious closets or cupboards for storage of household equipment and tools as well as a large, useful worktop. The best wall options are washable paint in darker paint colors.

Laundry and drying room in basement
If you choose to plan a laundry and drying room as part of your basement remodeling project, make sure to include appropriate air circulation as laundry rooms are prone to higher humidity levels. Basement plans that include a laundry area require adequate sewage drains, water supply, and electrical access and connections. Investing in high quality household appliances is a great solution as efficient dryer or washer-dryer combo saves the space that would be required to hang close on drying racks.

Home gym in basement
Another idea for planning a room located on the underground floor is that of a functional gym. Like the case of laundry and drying rooms, extra ventilation should be carefully considered as intense training requires a certain amount of oxygen. Recommended flooring includes linoleum, special rubber mats or cork flooring – all materials that will lessen noise and absorb impacts. As for equipment… novices in working out will be fine with some dumbbells, bars, or mats and if you like you can also purchase a treadmill, exercise machine, stationary bike, or cross trainer.

Additional room in the basement
A basement multimedia room is another excellent idea for planning a basement remodel – a tiny cinema room makes for a wonderful recreational space for your entire family. A basement media room does not necessarily require natural light, to the opposite effect, sunlight coming in could interfere with film viewing.