5 Tricks to make your kitchen look and feel bigger

As the leading remodeling contractors in Chicago, we get a lot of questions regarding home improvement. Something that we’ve been hearing a lot lately from homeowners is that they’re tired of how cramped their kitchen feels. So if you have a smaller kitchen than you’d like, how can you open up that space? Fortunately, there’s a lot of things you can do without tearing down walls and getting involved a costly re-design of your entire home!

Welcome the light

One of the best things you can do is to replace your solid cabinet doors. Although installing glass cabinets won’t actually increase the space in your kitchen, it will make your kitchen feel much more spacious and open. Another visual trick you can use involves the color of your cabinets. By painting your cabinets and walls the same color, you can eliminate visual lines which make your kitchen feel crowded and small. Our home remodeling contractors in Chicago can help you with cabinet installation and guide you through the color selection process as well!

Slenderize the furnishings

Take a look at your kitchen furniture, as well. There are a lot of minimalist furnishing options which will free up some kitchen space without sacrificing comfort or practicality. Consider slim chairs, streamlined tables, and other furnishing options which offer a more slender profile than traditional furniture.

Consider your storage situation

Many kitchens end up feeling cluttered and small because the storage isn’t used well. Consider efficient storage options like recess storage, which involves building cabinets and shelving into the walls themselves. This eliminates protruding storage, which can cut into the space you have available. By just reconsidering your storage and kitchen design, your kitchen can feel much larger than it is. Our kitchen remodeling contractors in Chicago have the experience and the know-how to make the most out of any space in your home.