Helpful Basement Renovation Ideas

There are plenty of reasons to get going on a basement renovation, especially if you are currently stuck with an unfinished space that is only good for storing things that are resistant to the elements. First and foremost, you should never underestimate how much living space you can add to your home by adding an entire floor to your interior space. No matter what your plans are for your finished basement, that much square footage (especially if customized well) can add thousands of dollars of home value to your property. That extra space also helps you address whatever needs your family has – from extra bedrooms or storage as your family grows, to an office or additional living room, to the famous “man cave”, basement remodeling can suddenly make you feel like you have an entirely new home even if you have lived there for years.

In addition to these benefits, there are some more basic benefits also. Unfinished basements are often one of the biggest sources of heating and cooling loss for a property, especially in areas with extreme winter or summer temperatures (or both). Basements are also susceptible to mold and mildew from flooding or leakage without renovated structural integrity, which can cause long term damage to your home’s foundation and force you to begin much more expensive home remodeling projects as a result. So not only can you add living space to your home, but you can also add security and save hundreds of dollars on heating or cooling costs, all from a well-designed basement renovation. Here are just a few ideas that you can put some trusted basement remodeling contractors to work on.

  1. Double Living Rooms

Especially for large families, having a second living room so the kids can watch a movie downstairs while the big game is on is a huge convenience. It also makes it easier to host parties or guests for a big event!

  1. Add a bedroom (or two)

Just like #1, if you are running out of space for the kiddos, using the basement for an additional room for them, or for out-of-town guests to use when they visit, is a great way to expand your home.

  1. Home Fitness Center

A popular option for basement renovation is adding a gym or fitness center, often because you can still get away with original concrete floors while simply fixing other parts of the basement fixtures.

  1. Secure storage

Who needs a storage unit when you can renovate your basement to make it temperature and climate-controlled, giving you tons of extra space to store valuables or things you use rarely.

  1. Wine Cellar

Another option that doesn’t require as much work as some others, for wine aficionados this can be the ideal place to keep those prized bottles of red and white safe, secure, and at proper temperatures. Likewise, you could go further and add a wet bar for hosting guests!

  1. Other Basement Renovation Tips

Just like any home remodeling project, it’s important to remember which features can be customized when planning any of the above projects. From the flooring to the fixtures, wallpaper to ceiling height, all of these elements can be customized to your specifications. Another big key is lighting – since most basements have at best small windows and minimal natural lighting, finding bright effective lighting can be a big help. Your basement remodeling contractors can help you learn more about the various options that are available for you, so that you can find the perfect fit for your vision and budget.