Color Palette Ideas for Your Next Bathroom Remodeling Project

Black and gold
Black and gold bathrooms look stunning and luxurious, but when these two colors are placed in one room, it can result in an explosive combination. Black offers a perfect foil for gold accents, so black tile backsplashes flanked by brilliant yellow tiles go well with gold streaked black granite or marble vanity tops. Our home remodeling contractors can achieve this look for your home, ensuring that the results are beautiful.

The sea and sand
When you have a small bathroom remodeling, light colors are the key—considering Mediterranean-style blue and white tiles on a white background and sand-colored floor tiles. Adding a sunburst mirror will provide a complete picture of a nice day by the sea. Once our bathroom remodeling contractors finished the job, you can let your imagination run away with you.

In the navy
When you have a larger powder room, you might want to think about going a little darker and elegant with navy blue walls. At our home remodeling company, we can provide a look of luxury with a classy chandelier, mosaic floor tiles in light shades of blue, white marble vanity, gold fixtures, and gilt-edge mirror. With these details, you can have a sense of refinement.

Au naturel
If you have a bathroom remodeling done, hardwood floors are generally not a good idea. However, it’s perfect for powder rooms. Make sure to go for the natural look with recycled wood floors and granite stone wall tiles for the back-to-nature theme. Installing a low-flush toilet will make your powder room even greener.

One color may not seem to be anything startling in a bathroom. However, it does depend on the color you choose and the accents that go with it. Selecting a vibrant hue, such as lavender or sunshine yellow, will hit the spot. Our bathroom remodeling contractors will replace the vanity top with granite in a matching hue and add pewter or brass fixtures to give it depth.

Big and bold
Some homeowners love their bathroom remodeling to be big and bold. Adding mosaic tiles can display an interesting pattern on the walls. With a white background, these patterns turn into sharp relief, and go big and bold with it. Adding a damask pattern or a Moroccan design, as well as some unconventional accent pieces, will make your bathroom more attractive.

That 70s look
Do you want a feeling of nostalgia for the good old days? Consider bringing back the 70s by using the color palettes of the decade. Earth tones are hip back then, and it can be popular today. When doing your bathroom remodeling think of harvest gold, earthy brown, avocado, rust, or mustard yellow in solid and patterns for the walls, the walls, the floor, or in your accents. With this design, you will be on the right track—some distinctive accents such as a colored toilet or toilet seat for a groovy vibe.

Make the most of your bathroom remodeling cost and go all out on a theme. Let your personality shine through and still keep it functional.