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Sometimes you just want to change how your kitchen looks like, but to make sure that afterwards it will look amazing, you should hire experienced remodeling contractors. People living in Barrington do not have to look any further – Darek and Sons  Remodeling is the company for you. Licensed and experienced plumbers, electricians and HVAC technicians are available so no matter what kind of service you require we are ready to meet your expectations. Kitchen remodeling in Barrington is something we have been doing for a long time and we have had many satisfied customers in your neighborhood. We offer professional installation of cabinets, tiles, counter tops, back splashes and various appliances. If you have need for plumbing services we offer those also. We can replace old fixtures or add new ones. Similarly, we offer the replacement of old pipes and water tanks if required. If in addition to kitchen remodeling, you wish to do some kitchen or basement remodeling, we are also capable of that. In fact, we can remodel your entire home if you wish to. In addition to all the services mentioned above, we also offer electrical services – rewiring, replacing electrical panels, outlets and light fixtures.

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This is the right place If you are looking for well experienced and professional home remodeling contractors in Barrington. We serve basement renovations, kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Home Remodeling in Barrington: Our Services

At Darek and Sons Remodeling we’re ready for any project. Bathroom renovations, kitchen remodeling, and basement finishing, we do it all. For your home remodeling in Barrington, call on Darek and Sons.

Our Bathroom Remodeling Projects Barrington – The highest quality Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

Our company has recently finished several bathroom remodeling projects in Barrington. Each of the projects that we had handled, we made sure that our customer’s needs and preferences were met. Our bathroom remodeling contractors ensured that we keep your interior’s features such as size and layout. However, we made sure that each of our bathroom remodeling work will lean toward functionality.

Some of the most important aspects of our work included shower enclosure with built-in shelves and seat with either frameless glass doors or doorless, wall and floor tiles made of porcelain or stone, bidet located next to the shower enclosure, and last two bathroom sinks with hanging cabinets and round frameless mirrors (practical choice for master bathrooms). We made sure that each of these projects is done with the highest quality.

Our Outstanding Kitchen Remodeling Projects – Professional Remodeling Contractors

Our kitchen remodeling company in Barrington has completed a couple of remodeling projects. We had made sure that each of our projects is done with our own personalization. There different situations that our kitchen remodeling contractors had to face such as dealing with a typical layout of the interior that has wall construction and use every space that is available in the customer’s home. Aside from remodeling, we have also done kitchen refinishing.

We would not get the best results if we have not dealt with installing unique chandeliers/light systems and wall painting. Our kitchen remodeling contractors also built some custom cabinets, which allow for efficient use of space and provide comfortable storage, installed matching fixtures and appliances. Lastly, we installed a kitchen island to provide extra storage underneath and countertops that can be used for both fixing and eating meals. We make your home a better place to live in.

Reasons to Choose Darek and Sons Remodeling in Barrington

Experience Matters

Over 15 years of experience in home remodeling in Barrington has allowed us to understand exactly what is important about every project we take on, and focus on what matters most to achieve the best results.

Only the Best Materials

The use of the highest quality materials and best tools gives us an advantage in providing you with the professional home remodeling you expect on every project. Great work takes great materials.

Projects Completed On Time

It is our guarantee that we will have your home remodeling in Barrington completed in the time we agree upon. Our goal is for you to enjoy your newly remodeled home as soon as possible.

Cost Effective with Free Estimates

We always provide you with free estimates and discuss your costs before the home renovation project in Barrington begins. Our focus is to work with you for a comfortable experience that is financially sound.

Great Customer Experience

We work with the best contractors that are also great people. Having a friendly approach with every customer makes the home remodeling project that much better for everyone. We’re here to help in any way possible.

A Range of Skills

No matter what your idea might be for your home improvement project in Barrington, our professional contractors can fulfill it. We will plan it with you and provide the highest level of skill to complete it.

The Best Innovative Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling – Home Remodeling Contractors in Barrington Advises

Designing your bathroom can be quite tricky. The choices of designs of mirrors, tubs, shower doors, and tiles have been developed a long way from the basic. If you are in the process of changing things in your bathroom, you might want to consider some modern ideas. Combining modern and classic ideas can also be perfect for you to create a timeless and fresher bathroom design. Avoid buying bulky items for your bathroom to have more moving space and brighter ambiance. If you want to have a more spacious bathroom, install a shower glass enclosure, use a gooseneck shower arm and light-colored tiles on the floor. Creatively designed and the well-placed window is the soul porthole of your bathroom. If installed properly, it can add character in your bathroom, making it appear bigger and cozy.

For more innovative ideas, hire qualified remodeling contractors.  Our bathroom remodeling company in Barrington can help you with your bathroom remodeling needs. We also focus on enhancing energy efficiency in your bathroom. We suggest purchasing materials that have high insulation ratings and minimal energy usage. You can also install modern eco-friendly toilets that use less water. We only use quality materials for the best prices in turning your ideas and dreams into reality.

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