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Welcome to Darek and Sons Remodeling, your top remodeling contractors Deerfield area, for bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, basement remodeling, and any other home remodeling needed. Our remodeling contractors Deerfield have been serving the area for more than 15 years with quality and affordable expertise. We have experience with all types of home remodeling Deerfield. Check our gallery of finished work and contact us for the best home remodeling Deerfield can trust, and call Darek & Sons Remodeling today!

Years of Experience in Home Remodeling Deerfield, IL

Darek and Sons Remodeling provides a complete range of superior home remodeling services by professional remodeling contractors Deerfield. These extensive services include kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, basement remodeling, and home additions by our top home remodeling contractors Deerfield. Every detail is important where our home remodeling contractors Deerfield handle everything just right for the most beautiful finish in your kitchen. When you need the experience of our home remodeling contractors Deerfield, we can plan, design, and construct a stunning new bathroom space because we know how to it right. Perhaps you’re looking for our home remodeling contractors to provide a unique living space in that often neglected part of your home. All our experts know how to give you the absolute best in total home renovations Deerfield. Our home remodeling contractors Deerfield are highly skilled to do it all with an excellent customer experience that includes planning for everything you need with top-quality workmanship.

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Remodeling and Renovation

Darek & Sons Home Remodeling Deerfield

Doing home remodeling should not be complicated. Have the necessary and right information to help you decide which home renovation project to do, which home remodeling contractors to hire, and how much budget you’ll need. Asking the right questions and having the right answer is important for the success of your home remodeling project. This is why our home remodeling contractors are always ready to provide our customers with information.

How do I start the process of remodeling?

Before talking to a home remodeling contractor in Deerfield, set your goals for your renovation. Ask questions like, “What do I want for my kitchen remodeling? What are my needs?” Once you get your answer, you can begin to contact our kitchen contractors in Deerfield to discuss your general ideas and goals for a renovation.

What type of service do I have to expect before and during my project?

We take pride in providing total-satisfaction customer service. We don’t just do your home remodeling project; we value your property. Before we start the project, we make sure your stuff is entirely out of the way. We can take proper care of your belongings while doing the renovation, and maintain good coordination throughout the building process. Also, we never leave a home untidy after the project is done.

How long has your company served Deerfield?

We have been providing services at Deerfield for 15 years, offering excellent quality at affordable rates. We bring out the best of your home through bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, basement remodeling, home additions, and other home remodeling projects.

Great Services We Offer for Home Remodeling Deerfield

At Darek and Sons Remodeling we offer a wide range of services for home remodeling Deerfield. Our professional contractors can handle any type of project for a great end result that is completed on time.

Our Latest Hom Remodeling Deerfield Works – Darek and Sons Remodeling

Remodeled Kitchen Mt. Prospect
Adding kitchen space is a very common concern when kitchen remodeling. This renovation saw the kitchen remodeling contractors install custom cabinets with pull-outs and all new appliances. The added room allowed for a fantastic island. Large windows overlook a beautiful view from the kitchen, bringing in lots of light to the functional kitchen area built by our remodeling contractors.

Bathroom Remodeling
Expert remodeling contractors transform dreary bathroom spaces into stunning luxury bathrooms that shine bright. Include a walk-in shower with a glass enclosure and an amazing tub to make the old new again with expert bathroom remodeling. Our bathroom remodeling contractors work to include beautiful vanities with matching mirrors and custom cabinets that make the new bathroom space even better.

Why Choose us Home Remodeling Deerfield
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Experience Makes a Difference

We’ve been remodeling homes in the Deerfield area for years. We hire only the best and most experienced contractors. Our skilled, professional contractors do high quality work done in less time. You reap the rewards.

Estimates and Reasonable Rates

Our remodeling services are surprisingly affordable. We’ll help you plan your home remodeling project so you get the most for your money. Our top quality home improvements will make your home function better and add lasting value.

Friendly, Informative, Helpful Service

We want to make our clients happy. That starts with personable, professional service. We are happy to answer questions and we provide estimates. We can also provide you with references from local clients we’ve worked with.

Our People Have Skills

We hire the best people. Our knowledgeable, experienced contractors provide the best home improvement services for Deerfield homes. Each person on our team is committed to providing top quality service. We build quality and value into every job we do.

Quality Input Means Quality Output

Our skillful team of contractors use top quality equipment to do their work. We never cut corners and we use the best materials available as well. Our results are top quality thanks to the skills of our professionals and high quality materials.

On Time Every Time

We understand how busy our clients are and we want to minimize the stress and disruption a remodeling project can bring. We schedule work in coordination with our client and we do everything possible to finish the work on schedule.

Darek & Sons Home Remodeling Deerfield provide
kitchen, bathroom & basement remodeling at affordable prices

kitchen remodel island project

Looking for the right professional home remodeling contractors Deerfield can be difficult, but Darek & Sons Remodeling is the solution. We expertly bring you a selection of top-quality renovations for kitchens, bathrooms, basement remodeling Deerfield, and other home remodeling choices. Darek & Sons Remodeling is a very experienced team of home remodeling contractors Deerfield with excellent skills that will leave you with workmanship you will love.

For the amazing home remodeling you want, including bathroom, basement, or kitchen remodeling Deerfield, the price can be a major factor, but not with Darek & Sons Remodeling. Trust us to give you all our focus, right down to the smallest detail, making it comfortably affordable. Our remodeling contractors Deerfield offer incredible customized style and the best value for your home remodeling project.

Wide Offer of Home Remodeling Deerfield Services

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In addition to bathroom remodeling, we are also doing basement, kitchen and entire home remodeling Deerfield. So if at any point you wish to expand your bathroom renovation project, there is no need to look for other contractors – we can do it all. Additionally, we offer plumbing and electrical services. Replace defective fixtures with brand new ones and do not be afraid to use this opportunity to upgrade your entire electrical system. We can also offer the installation of a heated flooring if you wish to increase the comfort level of your home with a space-efficient way of heating.

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Our Home Renovation Deerfield Process

Darek & Sons Home Remodeling Deerfield Service


In every home remodeling Deerfield project, you can expect to start a detailed discussion about the plan you have for your home.


Our home remodeling contractors Deerfield will exchange ideas with you to have a complete list of options for you to choose from.


Our team of home remodeling contractors Deerfield will create a pattern design on the ideas discussed to get the home you've always wanted.


With our experienced home remodeling contractors Deerfield, we'll build off our plans to give you excellent workmanship in every detail.

Thinking About Home Remodeling?

Darek & Sons Tips Before Doing a Home Remodeling Deerfield

Home remodeling Deerfield can be a relatively easy task when you are able to budget appropriately. You should be able to match your expected result with your available budget. With this said, you should gauge the costs in your home remodeling Deerfield project as much as the results. Since we’ve discussed the plan with you, it’ll avoid any surprises along the way.

Our home remodeling contractors Deerfield is here to take care of your budget and make sure it’ll stick to a realistic plan. It is best to get items that you frequently use, which can help you plan your budget more efficiently, from basement remodeling to kitchen remodeling. This will ensure that you can allocate more of your budget on the things that you immediately need. It will also allow you to substitute items that you don’t need for something cheaper and replaceable in the future.

Installing items like stud walls or bathroom vanities might seem easy on home improvement shows. However, they’re more complicated than they look. Having said this, it is vital to find the right people to get your kitchen remodeling, basement remodeling, and home remodeling Deerfield. At our company, you can ensure that you will get the highest quality of work at an affordable price that will not break the bank. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today, and we’ll help you achieve the home you’ve always dreamt of.

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