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Is your home ready for a renovation? Would you like to remodel it into the home of your dreams? If you live in Des Plaines, you are in luck. We, Darek and Sons Remodeling company, operate in this area, and willing to offer our expertise in the home remodeling business to you. Our staff of professional contractors is ready to make your dream home a reality. We specialize in interior remodeling, especially bathrooms, kitchens and basements. Do you wish to have a new countertop installed in your kitchen? We will do it according to your requirements. You bathroom backsplash requires replacement? Leave it to us – we know what we are doing.

We have served a great number of clients in this neighborhood and they were all satisfied with our services. There is a reason why we are among the best home remodeling contractors in Des Plaines. We also offer additional services connected with plumbing and electrical system. Replacing leaking water tanks, adding new fixtures or replacing the old, broken ones – our plumber will do a great job. Similarly, our electricians will use their experience and abilities to rewire your entire house if necessary. You satisfaction is guaranteed.

Some of Our Most Common Services for Home Remodeling in Des Plaines – Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Contractors, Basement Renovations Des Plaines

Our professionalism and experience have made Darek and Sons Remodeling a versatile and trusted company for any home remodeling in Des Plaines. Choose Darek and Sons as your home remodeling contractor in Des Plaines!

Reasons to Choose Darek and Sons Remodeling in Des Plaines
Choose Years of Experience of Our Home Remodeling Contractors in Des Plaines

You Can’t Beat Experience

We have spent over 15 years in the home renovation business. In that time we have been able to sharpen our professional skills to provide you with the best home remodeling in Des Plaines.

High Standards

Our great work is only as good as the materials and tools we use. Because we have such high standards, we use only the finest quality tools and materials to bring you the best results possible.

Keeping a Schedule

Our goal is to make sure you are enjoying the fruits of our labor as soon as possible. That’s why we set out to complete every project on time as agreed. In fact, that’s a guarantee.

A Price You Can Handle

We will work with you to create and stay within a budget that is comfortable for you. We always provide a free quote based on your needs so you know from the start what the costs will be.

Great Service

Of course we provide you with excellent workmanship, but it doesn’t end there. We will always answer your calls and keep you informed. Our experience has taught us to always work with a smile.

Varied Skills

Our professional team of contractors has amassed many skills that we can use on any project. That’s why we don’t just focus on one room in your home. We can provide a full home remodeling in Des Plaines with the same great attention to detail.

The Best Innovative Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling – Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Des Plaines Advises

Our bathroom remodeling company in Des Plaines offers innovative ideas to add vitality and glamour to your existing bathroom. Our goal is to give you a unique, beautiful, and functional bathroom that will stand the test of time. Let the experts do magic in your bathroom.

Changing the color of your bathroom can have a significant effect on the mood of your bathroom. For instance, using soft mauve or lemon chiffon color can create a cottage bathroom style, while earth colors such as bronze or light green will give a spa appeal. For classic charm, Tuscan red is ideal for you. Changing the colors of your cabinets, ceiling, tile design, and accessories to light colors will give your bathroom a fresher and elegant look. It is also advisable to install windows in the sunlight position to create natural light. Bright light also enhances vivid colors to produce more beautiful appeal. The key to achieving a beautiful bathroom is choosing the best tile material and design. Choosing patterned tiles in your walls can have a spacious effect in your bathroom. Modern tile is non-allergic, durable, and easy to clean. Smaller bathroom benefits from having several sleek storage features. Install tall and narrow vertical shelves to maximize the small space by extending from the floor to the ceiling. Putting up mirrors along the wall is an affordable option in creating an illusion of a bigger space.

It is essential to hire a professional remodeling bathroom contractors to avoid improper installation and miscalculations in your remodeling project. Our bathroom remodeling company in Des Plaines will help you have a smooth remodeling project and give you a beautiful, functional, and modern bathroom.

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