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Looking for a home remodeling nearby Wheeling? We offer Bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling and basement remodeling!

Darek and Sons Remodeling has the best home remodeling Wheeling contractors. We provide high-quality home renovation services including basement remodeling, bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, and so much more. We have been serving the community for more than 15 years. It gave us great experience and skills needed to deliver top-notch results and utmost convenience for all customers. See the quality of our service by checking out our previous projects. For top-notch home renovation solutions, reach Darek and Sons Home Remodeling Nearby Wheeling.

Home Remodeling Nearby Wheeling – There’s a Lot We Can Do For You

Darek and Sons Remodeling proudly offers professional remodeling services which are available in the area of Wheeling, IL – this includes an amazing array of design and technique that delivers top-rated results. From room additions to entire kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling, our skilled home remodeling nearby Wheeling contractors continually offer their qualified expertise and trusted deliverables. In the case of unused spaces, allow our basement remodeling contractors to plan, design and execute a new construction project that can turn any forgotten space into a fully functional room best suited for your needs. Careful attention is paid to even the smallest detail in all home remodeling services that our team undertakes so that we can gain your complete satisfaction. The trust you place on our company is heavily considered and our team is sure to handle all of your queries with great customer service at your earliest convenience.

DAREK & SONS Home Remodeling Nearby Wheeling Services

Kitchen Remodeling, Tile Installation and Other Home Remodeling Nearby Wheeling Services

Bathroom Remodeling

Convert your old bathroom into a modern and lavish haven. Remodeling your bathroom offers an affordable way to boost both its functionality and style. Read More

Kitchen Remodeling

Revitalize the heart of your home with a kitchen renovation. Our professional contractors are dedicated to the intricate details that update the entire feel of the kitchen. Read More

Home Remodeling

Transform your living space into the home of your dreams with our expert remodeling services. Our capable contractors can design and construct your ideal living area, helping you fall in love with your home once more. Read More

Basement Remodeling

Plan and execute your dream basement with our team of professionals. We provide endless innovative remodeling ideas and are eager to bring them to life for you. Read More

Tile Installation

Our extensive experience in tiling enables us to expertly handle your floor, backsplash, or bathroom tiling projects, leveraging years of successful installations. Read More

Tub To Shower Conversion

By converting your outdated tub into a new, stylish shower, you can modernize your bathroom with an effective and economical remodeling project. Read More

Room Addition to Your Home

Expand your home's footprint by adding rooms like a playroom, sunroom, or extra bedroom, enhancing both the functionality and value of your property. Our expertise is ideal for constructing these new additions. Read More

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Remodeling Nearby Wheeling

When you start a home remodeling, many questions may arise. It would be best if you got the right answers to these questions is essential. Getting good information at the onset will allow you to pick the right home remodeling nearby Wheeling contractors, take on the right project, and plan your budget properly. Now, the more you know at the beginning of your remodeling project, the better. We will provide as much information to you as possible.

How do I start the remodeling process?

When starting your kitchen, basement, or bathroom remodeling, it is best to know what your goals are. To achieve this, you would need to ask yourself questions like, “What do I want from my remodel? What should my priorities be?” When you get the answers to these questions, you can contact our home remodeling Wheeling contractors to discuss your specific plans and need for your space.

What kind of service should I expect before, during and after my project?

Before we start anything on your home, we will make sure that your belongings are safely put away. During the home remodeling process, we will ensure that we take good care of your property and maintain excellent communication. When we’re done, our home remodeling Wheeling contractors will stay until everything has been cleaned up.

What time of remodeling are you providing?

Our company offers bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, basement remodeling, home additions, and other home remodeling nearby Wheeling projects. Our remodeling contractors have 15 years of experience in providing the highest quality of work at an affordable price.

Our Latest Home Remodeling Nearby Wheeling Works – Darek and Sons Remodeling

Remodeled Kitchen Mt. Prospect

 It’s very common to add extra space with the help of a kitchen remodeling. On this kitchen remodeling, contractors included some custom cabinets with pull-outs and new appliances, which added space for a new island. Oversized windows offer a view and light to brighten the kitchen. The kitchen was made spacious, as expected by our remodeling contractors’ design plans.

Bathroom Remodeling

 With outstanding remodeling contractors working for you, it’s easy to transform a bathroom space. We can install walk-in showers, glass enclosures, and new bathtubs, so our bathroom remodeling team makes an outdated bathroom look new and stylish again. The right bathroom remodeling contractors build a custom bathroom space from the ground up with new vanities, mirrors, and custom cabinetry.

Why Choose us For Home Remodeling Nearby Wheeling
Choose our professional contractors!

You Can’t Beat Experience

Our home remodeling Wheeling contractors offer over 15 years of experience. Over those years, we have refined our exceptional skills so we can create the best home remodeling Wheeling for you to love in any room of the house.

High Standards

The homeowners we’ve helped know how terrific our work is, and that comes from our superior skills and creativity. But it also helps to use the best materials and tools possible. Our home remodeling Wheeling contractors use only the best possible materials because we have such high standards.

Keeping a Schedule

Expect to have your home remodeling nearby Wheeling completed within the time you stipulated. We work quickly and efficiently to complete the project on time, whether it’s a kitchen or bathroom remodeling in Wheeling. That’s our promise and our guarantee to you.

A Price You Can Handle

Any basement, bathroom, or home remodeling nearby Wheeling requires a budget. We want you to be completely comfortable with yours, so we collaborate directly with you to formulate your budget and you will see a highly-detailed and clearly outlined estimate before we begin.

Great Service

Our team is well-known for its high skill level and attention to the fine details on any bathroom, kitchen, or home remodeling nearbyWheeling. But we understand that you need more, so that’s why we also provide you with expertise, professionalism, and remodeling contractors who work with a smile.

Varied Skills

Our remarkable team of home remodeling nearby Wheeling contractors has all the skills to take on any home remodeling. Wheeling homeowners rely on us for the best workmanship, attention to detail, and versatility in our skills to complete every part of your home remodeling.

Darek & Sons Home Remodeling Nearby Wheeling provide kitchen, bathroom & basement remodeling at affordable prices

Finding a trusted source for home remodeling nearby Wheeling contractors can be difficult, but Darek & Sons Remodeling is the right solution. We bring a variety of expert renovation services for kitchens, bathrooms, basement remodeling, and any other home remodeling projects. Darek & Sons Remodeling is an expert team of home remodeling Wheeling contractors with great experience and excellent workmanship that will leave you with amazing results.

For the best in home remodeling, including bathroom, basement, or kitchen remodeling in Wheeling, the price can be a concern, but not with Darek & Sons Remodeling. Rely on us to give you our very best, right down to the smallest detail, and we do it all at a low price. Our home remodeling nearby Wheeling contractors work to offer you style and value for your home remodeling project.

When it comes to home remodeling nearby Wheeling!
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Rely on Darek & Sons Home Remodeling nearby Wheeling for top-quality materials, service, and price. For anything from kitchen remodeling in Wheeling to bathrooms, basement, and whole home renovations, we provide incredible ideas and workmanship you will love. Call the expert home remodeling Wheeling contractors at Darek & Sons today to talk about some amazing new ideas for your new home remodeling plan.

Darek & Sons Home Remodeling Nearby Wheeling Process

Kitchen, Bathroom & Home Remodeling Nearby Wheeling Experts


It is best to begin a home remodeling project with a thorough discussion with our home remodeling Wheeling contractors on what you want to achieve for your home.


Simply provide us your thoughts on your preferred kitchen, basement, or bathroom remodeling plans and we will give you some of our insights so that you will have a variety of choices to choose from.


Whether you need a bathroom, kitchen, or basement remodeling, we will create the design on the concepts we discuss to provide you with the best outcome.


Our experienced home remodeling nearby Wheeling contractors will create the house of your dreams with superior workmanship in every detail.

What they say about our home remodeling nearby Wheeling services

Our home remodeling nearby Wheeling works have been appreciated by many customers!

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