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Home remodeling – Are you looking for a bathroom remodeling or kitchen remodeling? Check our offer and view our portfolio!

Welcome to Darek and Sons Remodeling! We are remodeling contractors performing bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, basement remodeling, home additions and other home remodeling projects. We have been serving the Northern Chicago Suburbs for over 15 years, providing high quality and affordable work. Our team is highly experienced with remodeling of all sorts. Be sure to check out our gallery of finished projects! For remodeling contractors you can trust, call Darek & Sons Remodeling!

Why You Should Choose Darek and Sons for Your Kitchen, Bathroom or Basement Remodeling?

Few words about key features of Darek & Sons Remodeling

Experienced remodeling contractors

Darek remodeling contractors have been working in the remodeling business for years! We have served Chicagoland area as top-notch kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractors since 2003.

Highest quality remodeling materials & tools

When you hire Darek and Sons Remodeling, you can be sure we will use only the best materials and equipment to complete your job.

Home remodeling projects delivered always on time

The home remodeling services you can rely on for promptness every time! When we take a job, we guarantee it’ll be completed within the stated timeframe.

Outstanding Customer Experience

Darek and Sons takes a great deal of pride in offering a friendly and welcoming experience for every customer. Our goal is your complete satisfaction with each project we work on.

Professional Versatility

Because we have extensive experience, we are able to provide the utmost in professional skill no matter what project we take on. We are capable of a wide range when comes to home remodeling.

Your Vision Brought to Life

We work closely with you to make sure your ideas about the space are realized. Our contractors provide their expertise to bring the smallest details to the forefront of every project.

Home Remodeling Services by Darek&Sons

We provide: bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, basement remodeling and other
home remodeling services in The Northern Chicago Suburbs

grey modern bathroom

Bathroom remodeling

Our bathroom remodeling contractors can perform remodeling jobs on any scale: large or small. Get the bathroom of your dreams! We can provide you with a plan to completely overhaul your bathroom to add luxury, style, and function. There is nothing like a new bathroom remodeling that offers a personal tranquil space.

kitchen remodeling mount prospect

Kitchen remodeling

Kitchen is a heart of the home, but also is often the most outdated room in the house. Bring your kitchen into the modern world with Darek Remodeling. Our expert kitchen remodeling contractors can guide you through your choices to reconstruct your kitchen. The end result will be a modernized custom kitchen the entire home will be drawn to.

empty basement

Finishing basement

An unfinished basement is a waste of space. Our remodeling contractors can make your basement usable living space. Whether you have ideas about how you want your basement to function, or you rely on us to provide great options, Darek and Sons can give you the new basement you’re looking for.

shower cabine

Tile installation

Looking for remodeling contractors you can trust with tile installation?
We do it all! From kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, to tile flooring. Our expert tile installation contractors can handle any tile from the simple to the complex patterns available today. We are accustomed to working with all kinds of tile sizes and types.

bathroom grey renovation

Tub to shower conversion

Dislike baths but love showers? Consider hiring Darek and Sons Remodeling for a tub to shower conversion—with a beautiful modern shower. This is a great way to get the shower you’re looking for from a minor bathroom remodeling on a lower budget. You will love the difference a new shower stall makes.

home porch

Room addition

Need more living space? Our home remodeling contractors are skilled at room additions, sunroom additions and garage additions. We can plan out every detail and make sure all the permits are in place for your room addition. Then we’ll be ready to build a seamless addition that matches your existing home.

What they say about our remodeling services

Our remodeling works have been appreciated by many customers!

Our Latest Remodeling Projects - Kitchens, Bathrooms and Basements

Remodeled Kitchen Mt. Prospect

Creating more space for the kitchen is one of the most requested remodeling designs. In this renovation work, customary cabinetries with pull outs were added, and new appliances were installed. The alteration made space for a large island. Wide windows opened an incredible view from the kitchen. As a result, a light, airy and more functional space was created.

Steam Shower

This rectangular steam shower unit offers 8 relaxing jets that help eliminate virtually all of your stress in just a few minutes. Its wooden floorboard provides a warm, relaxing feeling when you step into it. This corner steam shower unit is a beautiful addition that will work virtually any space.

Home Remodeling in Skokie, IL

At first, we upgraded the water and heating pipes. Then we put in high-performance windows which provided a dramatic better lighting and openness. The newly installed flooring, custom cabinetry, elegant countertops created a modern look for the kitchen. To add functionality, the fridge and pantry location created better daily flow during common kitchen tasks.

Bathroom Remodeling

These restorations transform old bathrooms into modern spaces that really shine. Glass walk-in showers and stunning tubs help turn the dull, outdated closets into a bright, stylish retreats. Our work boasts brand-new vanities with matching mirrors and custom-built shelves that make the most of these spaces.

Find us! Darek and Sons Home Remodeling Contractors

When it comes to remodeling companies in The Northern Chicago Suburbs, Darek and Sons leads the pack. With highly experienced remodeling contractors that offer great ideas, superior planning, and exceptional workmanship, we are capable of handling any project. Our past customers think so too! Darek and Sons remodeling contractors are ready for your home renovation project.


Our Home Renovation Process - Darek & Sons Home Remodeling From Bathroom To Basement Remodeling Service

In every home remodeling you can expect to begin with a detailed discussion about what you want to happen in your home.

We'll exchange ideas so that you can have a complete list of options for your bathroom, kitchen, or basement remodeling.

Our remodeling contractors will pattern the design on the ideas we discuss to give you precisely what you want and need.

With our experienced home remodeling contractors, we will build off our plans to give you excellent workmanship in every detail.

What are popular solutions in terms of Home Remodeling?

For home remodeling we recommend starting with bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling. Renovations of these two spaces add a lot of value to your home, as well, a more functional and attractive kitchen and bathroom will make your life more comfortable. Our bathroom remodeling contractors are experienced in a range of renovations, so the sky’s the limit. Why not add a second sink or jacuzzi tub to your bathroom for maximum space and relaxation? We are also expert kitchen remodeling contractors who can open up your kitchen for a more modern feel, and maximize storage space. Let us help you find the best solutions to bring your vision to life.

Whether you work from home or just need a dedicated space for extra paperwork and bills, having a home office makes a huge difference in your ability to focus and be productive. Our remodeling contractors can convert an unused room, or add new walls, to create a sophisticated work space for you.

We recommend adding a utility room as part of your basement remodeling, or as an addition. An all-purpose room in the entrance of your home helps to contain clutter, and keep the rest of your home cleaner. It gives a space to remove outdoor footwear and clothing, keep your washer and dryer out of sight, and clean up your pets before they come inside. It also leaves more room for school supplies and extra tools to free up your living space.

Home remodeling can be a big task, but our team can help you to break down each step of your renovation so that you are happy with every square foot of your living space, or so you can sell your home for more. We can help each room be more attractive, functional, accessible, and suited to your tastes or the latest trends. We work with you for a personalized home remodeling experience, always to the highest industry standards and within your budget.

Get inspired for your next home remodeling project

If you need a bit of inspiration for home remodeling, you can take a look at Darek&Sons remodeling renovations, remodeling, and additions gallery to give you some ideas before we get started. If you have any questions contact us today.

Tips Before Doing a Home Remodeling – From Bathroom Remodeling to Basement Remodeling

As long as you budget your money well, any home remodeling task can be easy. Budgeting well means that you are able to match your ideas with the available finances that you have. To simply put, it means that you are able to gauge the costs in your home remodeling project as much as the results.

Our remodeling contractors will take care of your budget and make sure that it’s a realistic plan. In order to budget correctly and more efficiently, you can identify which items you will use most frequently. It guarantees that you are allocating more budget to the things that you need immediately need. This also makes sure that the other things you don’t need can be replaced with something cheaper. Once you have enough budget, you can replace the cheap items in the future.

Home improvement shows make it look easy when doing remodelings, such as installing stud walls or bathroom vanities. However, it can get a bit more complicated, which is why you need the help of expert home remodeling contractors in the Northern Chicago Suburbs. Our professional contractors have years of experience in providing basement remodeling, kitchen remodeling, and bathroom remodeling services. We take pride in the work that we provide in each project that we accept.

Darek & Sons Home Remodeling Contractors
Helpful Tips For Your House Remodeling Project


Build a Budget
When you introduce home remodeling to your living space, you are making an excellent investment. Home and bathroom remodeling projects can cost whatever you feel it should, but without a strict budget, those costs can get out of control without you even realizing it’s happening. Choose our bathroom remodeling contractors for help in establishing a budget and getting the best work for the best price.

Add Lighting
Many homeowners tend to forget about lighting during a bathroom remodeling. But you can immediately recognize poor bathroom lighting when you walk into the room, as it can diminish the decor and the function of the space.

Include Some Luxury
When you consider a bathroom remodeling, that’s the time to add some extra features that can make your new space feel special. Some added options are quickly becoming very valued and are expected in most modern bathroom spaces. By including them in your bathroom remodeling plans, you can avoid the disruption of adding them in later.

Decide on a Bathroom Type
Bathrooms come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, with many different layouts. In thinking about your bathroom remodeling, you may not consider altering the type of bathroom space you have. But with an experienced interior designer and the right bathroom remodeling contractors, you may find that there are some possibilities that are worth exploring.


Address Basement Water Problems First
Your basement may give you minor water issues on the odd occasion or you may have had major flooding. In either case, it’s imperative that the issues are resolved before you proceed with your basement remodeling. There is nothing worse than finishing a basement beautifully only to suffer from water damage after the fact.

Determine the Best Use of Your Basement Space
Use your basement space according to its layout and your lifestyle, making use of some of the space’s built-in characteristics. Basements typically offer only limited natural light, which is ideal for a home theater. Our basement remodeling contractors can help you achieve your goals for the basement.

Air Circulation is Critical
At the time your home was built, it’s likely that only a limited number of vents were installed in the basement, following local building codes at the time. During your basement remodeling, consider the need for the proper air circulation by adding these vents where necessary.

Maximize Natural Light
You may want to add more natural light to your basement for any number of reasons. If you can extend a basement above the ground, you have the capability to add new windows or expand your existing windows when planning for your basement remodeling. Or you may look at digging window wells, which might increase the chances of water leaks, so it’s best to install wells with waterproof covers.


Choose Your Countertops
You can never have too much counter space in the kitchen, especially if you are an avid cook. To create an interesting dynamic and construct a kitchen that can grow with your family, you can incorporate two countertop heights for your kitchen remodeling, making it easier for cooking and for kids to get involved too.

Bright Colors Work for a Small Kitchen
Dark colors can make a small space look even smaller. The use of soft, bright tones on kitchen cabinets and plenty of natural light can visually expand a small kitchen. Our professional kitchen remodeling contractors can help you make the right decisions for your kitchen.

Build Around a Focal Point
Busy tiles, different floor patterns, a large range hood, brightly colored kitchen cabinets, and over-the-top countertop patterns are too much for the eye to handle. Pick a single focal point for your kitchen remodeling to deal with, and complement that piece of the design with a few toned down, eye-catching details.

Make Lighting a Focus
Your kitchen is the busiest room in the home, so ensure that it can handle all kinds of activity with the proper lighting. Make use of a variety of fixtures that can layer different types of light for a number of activities—ambient, task, accent, and mood. Our kitchen remodeling contractors will have the solutions for you.


It is said that the home is where the heart is, but since the kitchen is the heart of the home, what if that heart is getting old and tired? Over the years, appliances, surfaces, and every aspect of your home can become worn down. Kitchens are notorious for losing their trendiness and breaking down with so much active use.

Your kitchen is the busiest room in the home, putting it as the priority for kitchen remodeling ahead of other home remodeling projects. Kitchen remodeling contractors, like we have here at Darek and Sons, focus on enhancing functionality and comfort, so by the time your kitchen remodeling is complete, it will work more efficiently for you, making your life easier.

Can a Kitchen Remodeling Increase a Home’s Value?

Understandably, many homeowners share a concern over the budget needed for a kitchen remodeling investment. They want to know if they will see a return on the investment at some point. In short, the answer is YES. A kitchen renovation, when done right by professional kitchen remodeling contractors can boost your overall property value. If you are thinking of selling your home in the near future, know that realtors will often recommend a kitchen remodeling prior to putting the home on the market, particularly if the kitchen is dated.

A kitchen Remodeling Equates to More Enjoyment in the Space

It’s not all about the money when considering a kitchen remodeling. Your preferences and needs are also factors. Replacing your appliances and altering your kitchen space is a great place to start shaping your home into something you desire.
The National Association of Realtors estimates that 95 percent of homeowners who complete full kitchen remodeling find greater joy in their homes. Although the price of kitchen remodeling may seem steep when looking at it in a vacuum, it’s no surprise that it is a primary consideration, but it shouldn’t be the only one.

How Will You Know if a Kitchen Remodeling is Worth it to You?

When you invest in kitchen remodeling, you are making an investment in your home and giving yourself added convenience and style that you can enjoy. If you are intrigued by that notion, then kitchen remodeling is certainly worthwhile. Kitchen remodeling contractors have many solutions and options available to work with any budget, so your kitchen remodeling is definitely within reach. You can always start small if a full kitchen remodeling is not possible for you at the moment and Darek and Sons can help as your remodeling contractors.

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