Your bathroom is used by your entire family, so it’s important to consider everyone during a bathroom remodeling project. Once your children reach school age, they are determined to carry out hygiene tasks, such as showering, on their own. Though this is great, it can be worrisome, since children are still learning how to take care of themselves. You can reduce your worry by remodeling your bathroom to be safer and more accessible for kids. Here are some home remodeling tricks to make your bathroom kid-friendly, while maintaining style and comfortable for adults.

Make Sure Safety is the Priority 
Little children can be a bit accident prone, especially in an unsupervised space like a bathroom. For this reason, prioritizing safety is an absolute must for your bathroom remodeling project. You can consider getting the bathroom contractors to install a walk-in or low-rise bathtub or shower that helps reduce the risk of slips or falls when getting in and out of the tub. We also suggest choosing floor tiles that are more slip-resistant and water absorbent, helping everyone to keep on their feet. After the bathroom remodeling contractors finish the job, you should also invest in a slip-resistant bath mat and a bathroom rug to even further reduce any fall risks.

Make The Bathroom Kid Friendly 
A big part of a family-friendly remodel is making sure that everyone can reach what they need. Kids can’t always get to the dial on the shower, and step stools are not safe on wet tile, but getting the bathroom remodeling contractors to lower the height of the dial can help. Along the same line, the shower head might be so high for kids that the water arrives with almost no pressure, which is uncomfortable and ineffective. A handy solution during bathroom remodeling is to have a removable shower head and two notches at different heights to hang it, one lower for the kids, and one at “adult height”. This way everyone can have a comfortable shower.

Build with Low Maintenance Bathroom Remodel Materials 
We all know that kids tend to be messy, and you are likely to find soap, shampoo, and toothpaste in areas they shouldn’t be. To help with ease of cleaning, make sure to ask our remodeling contractors to help you select the most low-maintenance and non-porous, yet classy, materials for your bathroom remodeling that can be cleaned and sanitized more easily. This small change will make a huge difference for your daily routine!