Many homes have that one small bathroom that seems stuffy and cramped, but it doesn’t need to look or feel small. With some minor alterations, you can make your small bathroom look much larger through the right bathroom remodeling in Arlington Heights that does not even require taking any walls down.

Install a Large Mirror 
Mirrors are great for visually expanding a small space while also brightening up the room with more light reflection. Your bathroom likely already has a mirror, but you can increase its size or mirror an entire wall during your bathroom remodeling in Arlington Heights.

Add Natural Light 
Natural light is always the preferred light source and adding more can help enlarge the space. Large windows and skylights that may provide additional light could be a problem if they are painted over, dirty, or blocked by curtains. Cleaning your windows is a simple solution and it’s inexpensive. Even skylights can be cleaned from above using a scrub brush, warm water, and mild soap.

Replace Your Bathroom Vanity Cabinet 
Bathroom vanity cabinets are excellent for storage, especially since they conceal everything behind closed doors. But in a small bathroom, a vanity cabinet can be too cumbersome. To optimize the space, our bathroom remodeling contractors in Arlington Heights can replace your vanity cabinet with a cantilevered countertop or a pedestal sink opening up the space as much as possible. Pedestal sinks are easy to install at a cost of $150 to $400, depending on the design features you want. However, not that your counter space will be diminished while your floor space increases.

Limit Your Decorations 
You can add your own sense of fun and style to a small bathroom by adding artwork or a small rug, making the space more inviting. But too much can create clutter and once again make the space feel confining. Decluttering your bathroom space will not cost you anything and you will see the results immediately. It’s like a free bathroom remodeling in Arlington Heights.

Install Clear Glass Frameless Shower Doors 
The most prominent part of any bathroom is the shower or the bathtub/shower combination. The enclosure can add some bulk to the small bathroom. By making the enclosure transparent, you can open up the space entirely. A frameless shower and tub enclosure will give you a clear line of sight throughout the bathroom with thick tempered glass sealed together in the corners. Without a frame, there is less bulk and more visual appeal, making it perfect for a bathroom remodeling in Arlington Heights.

Use Similar Materials All Over the Bathroom 
When you have too many clashing materials in a bathroom space, it can look too busy and cluttered. So if your small bathroom features striated marble floor tile, a glass mosaic wainscoting below the painted drywall, with ceramic tile in the shower, you have too many things going on, cramping your space. Our bathroom remodeling contractors in Arlington Heights know how to tone down the visual noise by eliminating the heavy load and replacing what’s left with similar materials. That might include removing the tile wainscoting outside the shower and replacing it with simple drywall and baseboards. A ceramic tile countertop can look much lighter and more open with a quartz countertop resembling the look of the shower surround.