Building a bar in the basement

If you are tired of having your basement full of old furniture that you no longer use and with boxes full of different contents, why not do a complete basement remodeling and add a bar to have more space for you and your friends? The process to make it possible is very simple.

The first thing you should consider when building a bar inside your basement is the condition of the walls. They should be opened, if possible, and inspected for leaks and cracks, as well as mold. If this is the case, correct those problems immediately before you begin.

If Your Basement Renovation Requires Construction, Plan Accordingly

Another thing to consider before proceeding with the work is to check the city’s building regulations to determine if you need a building permit.
Although this may result in an unexpected extra investment if required, if you plan to sell your home in the future, it is best to opt for a locally sanctioned renovation so that home inspectors and potential clients can validate the contractor’s expertise and the quality of the work. Otherwise, you will be forced to incur additional expenses for additional basement repairs to bring the components up to standards.

Make Sure That Your Basement Can House Your Aspirations

After securing all the technical aspects of the work, you can begin to design your subway bar. You can design it to resemble the local bar down the street, an elegant and entertaining unisex space, or a space that provides the perfect getaway for friends and family on a game day. It is important that you determine the design concept first (especially if you have a small basement) and then proceed with an aesthetic that fits the space, as well as the types of furniture and amenities you plan to use.

Contact us and we will advise you

After your subway bar plans are 100% settled, it’s time to consult with a company capable of formulating and realizing that vision. And this is where Darek & Sons comes into the picture, as we offer free in-home project consultations in order to give clients that much-needed peace of mind when giving them the full cost of the work.

For more information regarding our basement finishing solutions or consulting processes, do not hesitate to contact us through our phone numbers or official website. If you are looking for experienced people, robust renovation options, and excellent refinishing processes, Darek & Sons Remodeling Inc. is your best bet!