Tips for Timeless Bathroom Design

Taking into consideration that this is the area where you will spend the most time alone, it is extremely important that your bathroom stands the test of time. However, some people think that they must do bathroom remodeling procedures every so often to meet this goal. Not necessarily, since your bathroom with style of the 30s or 50s can be compatible with the current era if you follow the following tips.

Neutral Shades over Trendy Hues
If you feel like your bathroom feels dated, it may be because it has a painting style from the past decade. Therefore, here at Darek & Sons Remodeling we recommend that you use more neutral and classic colors so that your bathroom remains predominant. However, if you are considering a slightly more personal touch with black and white rock tiles, you can add a special color mix with regular colors or nautical colors. If in such a case you want to achieve a timeless design, it is suggested that you stay away from hot colors.

Focus on what you love
If you plan to carry out a home remodeling in order to enjoy your property (especially the bathroom) for longer, choose the colors that you love so much. For example, if you want your bathroom to have a classical marble touch or a roll top bath with legs, don’t think twice and go after it. Apart from that, also consider complementing with other less frequent colors if you plan to continue with the styles mentioned above. Remember, the most important thing about doing a timeless bathroom remodel is not to follow passing trends, but to have a design that you plan to treasure for many years.

Consider what Audrey Hepburn would want
If you hold a movie star from Hollywood’s golden age in high regard, perhaps you should know that they have or used to have bathrooms that stood the test of time to this day. So what better way to accomplish your goal of a timeless bathroom than by explaining to your bathroom remodeling contractors what you specifically want.

Go for White Fittings
Although they may not have the same glamor as other trendy fittings, the white fitting is considered one of the most affordable and feasible options if you want the appearance of your bathroom to last for more than 10 years. Apart from that, it allows your bathroom to undergo various updates over time, especially paint. Although many people go for other fittings for their bathrooms, most of the time it happens that those decisions are made based on trends, which is a huge mistake, since regular remodeling could be more expensive in the medium-long term.

Quality Materials
Darek & Sons Remodeling remodeling contractors recommend that you do not use materials of questionable quality in your remodeling, as they are more prone to fading or chipping. Instead, use stone-based hardware, as it provides the main advantages of not requiring as much maintenance and maintains the timeless environment of the bathroom.