Golden Rules of Bathroom Remodeling

If you are looking for several styles of bathrooms to select one that suits your needs and tastes, you should take into consideration that from said to fact there is a long way, apart from the fact that even the most different designs share certain similarities. Therefore, here at Darek & Sons Remodeling we offer you the following tips regarding bathroom remodeling to avoid problems at the work stage.

Reconfigure the layout
Don’t have enough space to do a complete remodel? Don’t you want to get that messy? In that case, all you can do is modify your original plan and rearrange it based on your current home configuration. Therefore you and your home remodeling contractors have two options: place a bathtub, shower and basin or modify / move some fixtures such as lights and cabinets.

Get timeless fittings
If you stick with items that give the bathroom a timeless and well-structured feel (for example, bathtubs subway tiles and nickel fixtures), rest assured that it will stand the test of time and you won’t have to buy things to constantly update it. .

Limit your options
One of the most important rules when it comes to bathroom renovations is that you must remain flexible in terms of design options, because if you put multiple designs and varied add-ons in such a small space, what will happen is that your bathroom will become a repellent for its users, especially visitors. To prevent this from happening, avoid clutter build-up, limit the amount of materials and finishes to use, cut back a bit on décor, and use colors, textures, and finishes that you’ve used elsewhere in your home.

Invest in storage
If you want to clear the corners of your bathroom to give it a greater sense of space, what better way to do it than to add a storage space such as a drawer or cabinets. We assure you that this will not damage the bathroom design. In such a case, however, that you don’t have enough space, you might consider getting wall units, shelves, carriers, bins, etc.

Splurge a little
When it comes to bathroom renovation processes in your home, one of the critical aspects to verify is the budget, since you must balance the costs to carry out the respective tasks and the costs to get the add-ons that you like. . The bathroom, being an extremely small place compared to other places in your home, gives you the opportunity to perform a splurge. If you are not sure where to start spending, you can consider some aspects to make your bathroom more luxurious, such as the highest quality hardware and objects. Another factor that you could also invest in your bathroom is the quality of lighting, so that it is not so dark.