How to Achieve a Bright and Airy Bathroom Remodel

If you are looking for different ideas to inspire your bathroom remodeling in your Arlington Heights home or you are looking to create a retreat space within your home to escape from everyday life, you should consider keeping everything light and bright. However, on some occasions, bathroom renovations can cause certain frustrations or meltdowns in homeowners due to the constant decisions that must be made, regardless of the magnitude. Therefore, Darek and Sons Remodeling will give you some home remodeling tips so that your bathroom not only has a new touch, but also luxurious to the point of withstanding the crucial test of time.

Here are a few tips for a bathroom remodel
The Freestanding Bath
When designing your new bathroom, you can opt for a freestanding style, since apart from giving the aforementioned space a more luxurious touch, it gives the impression that you are inside a Spa. Another advantage of this type of bathroom is that you will have more space, which will allow you to put books or even a glass of wine in places near the tub so you can have a relaxing and pleasant bath.

Get Creative – Don’t Cover the Window
If you want your bathroom to keep the lighting as it is without penalizing the illusion that it is large, as well as keeping it free of dust, you can choose to use stained glass instead of covering the window with shutters. In case you want more privacy, you can keep your current window and put a window film on it.

Choose the Right Fixtures
One of the things that no homeowner would like to have in their bathroom is a mixture of taps and various fixtures. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose and use taps and fixtures of the same design and color to achieve the desired effect. By unifying these fixtures, you will give your bathroom a modern and bold touch.

Another important aspect that cannot be left out of a bathroom remodel is excellent lighting. If you live in an older home, you should consider incorporating a brass fixture pendant light, as well as a light adjuster to set the light to your liking and according to the current environment.

Because moisture can damage paint and cause mold to grow, it is recommended that you have a fan in your bathroom. But if you happen to already have a ventilation fan, you may choose to upgrade it or install a whole new unit if the old one is on its last legs. It should be noted that the new fans have a much quieter motor and are not as difficult to install as the old ones.

Plan Your Bathroom Remodel
Because a bathroom remodel can add more value to your home in terms of real estate and user experience, it is extremely important that you plan it thoroughly so that it covers 100% of your vision and expectations. Remember: there is nothing more rewarding and special than a job well done and that meets all the objectives!

Choose experts
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