What tiles for the bathroom floor?

One of the most difficult parts of the process of a bathroom remodeling is to choose the appropriate tiles since we do not know what size to take, which ones go for the wall and the floor, and how to organize them so that they fit well to the size and shape of the bathroom. , how to give that optical illusion of expansion, what patterns are indicated, etc. If you are suffering from this problem, better keep an eye on this article, as we will provide you with the answers you need.

Types of bathroom tiles

Because the market has such a huge variety and selection of tiles, you may find yourself undecided about which one to take when planning your bathroom remodel. However, this variety can help you think and create your own style design.

Dark or light bathroom?

Before making any decision regarding bathroom tiles, you should first consider the following parameters: the type of color you want to use (dark or white), the types of tiles intended for the floor and wall, and the add-ons – hardware included- you plan to organize in a larger pattern.
The bright walls are characterized by providing an illusion of space and reflecting interior and exterior light, making it a very attractive option for small bathrooms or penthouse bathrooms with bevels. Light-colored tiles can complement well with white hardware such as washbasins, bathtubs, and wall-mounted toilets. On the other hand, dark tiles are mostly used to modify large bathrooms in a modern or New York style.

While one or more dark walls are good for visual contrast with long, light spaces, they are also a good background for designs. Dark walls help expose original fixtures or hardware, as well as original fixture designs. However, you must ensure that the lighting factor is not lost.
Which tiles for the bathroom floor?

When remodeling your bathroom, don’t just focus on the selection of wall tiles, also consider the color scheme for the floor tiles. By contrasting the colors of the walls and floors, you will completely change the style of the interior.

Classic bright floors, apart from giving the bathroom an impression of cleanliness and freshness, are a good complement to bright wall tiles, especially in small bathrooms. However, to prevent white bathrooms from being too bland, you can purchase Scandinavian-style hardware. Wooden furniture, warm-colored accessories, plants and natural materials can make the bathroom more comfortable.

Is a dark floor a good choice for the bathroom?

It is practically effective and perfectly matches the modern style of the bathroom interior. When organized well, it can work in both large and small bathrooms. Besides, it is a good background to display the unique designs of a bathtub or shower area. By combining the dark styles of the walls and floors with elements of gold or silver, you are creating a luxurious atmosphere to the point of giving your bathroom a superior status. However, the only downside to this is that it will require much more frequent cleaning than a white floor.